Turkey Recipes – How To Cook A Turkey

Turkey Recipes - How To Cook A Turkey

Cooking a turkey a whole turkey, whether for Thanksgiving or for any celebration, can seem very confusing and difficult at first. This article will show any beginner how to prepare a turkey, and how it can be cooked. Steps Choose a good turkey. Although a lot of people will have a different budget for buying […]

Copycat Recipe – Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Copycat Recipe - Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich Recipe

I love Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. The super crispy chicken with a hint of spiciness hits the spot. I get cravings for it every time I pass by a Wendy’s. You don’t have to be Dave Thomas to make this recipe. Here’s the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich recipe you will be able to make it […]

Copycat Recipe – Boston Market Meatloaf Recipe

Copycat Recipe - Boston Market Meatloaf Recipe

I love Boston Market meatloaf. It’s so jam packed full of flavor. I make it every year for our big family get reunions and it’s always a hit. Everyone is always shocked when I tell them I made it from scratch and it wasn’t take out.:) For this Boston Market Meatloaf Recipe you will need […]

Copycat Recipe – McDonalds Egg McMuffin Recipe

Copycat Recipe - McDonalds Egg McMuffin Recipe

There’s no need to go through the McDonald’s drive through any more. You can make your McDonald’s Egg McMuffin in the comfort of your own home with this McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Recipe. The McDonald’s Egg McMuffin is actually very basic. All it is is bacon, an egg and cheese on an English muffin. For your […]

Copycat Recipe – Church’s Fried Chicken Recipe

WARNING. This recipe is so delicious that you might not be able to stop making it once you start! This Church’s Fried Chicken Recipe tastes so close to the real thing your friends and family won’t even know you made it at home! Ingredients you will need for Church’s Fried Chicken Recipe * 1 cup […]

Copycat Recipe – KFC Fried Chicken Recipe

Copycat Recipe - KFC Fried Chicken Recipe

KFC’s fried chicken recipe has long been held a secret since Colonel Sanders invented it in the 1930s. To this date, the special blend of 11 herbs and spices is still kept top secret at KFC’s headquarters. The secret 11 herb blend is actually premixed at two separate facilities and then combined at a third […]

Copycat Recipe – Mcdonald’s Big Mac Sauce Recipe and Big Mac Recipe

Copycat Recipe - Mcdonald's Big Mac Sauce Recipe and Big Mac Recipe

If you appreciate the McDonald’s Big Mac sauce as much as some people I know, then you understand that this is the holy grail of all sauce recipes. McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce recipe ingredients: * 1 cup of Miracle Whip * 1/3 cup sweet relish * 1/4 cup French dressing * 1 tsp sugar * […]

Old Fashion Recipes for Ida Mae’s Meat Loaf and Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Make your family this old-fashion meal of Ida Mae’s Meatloaf and Sweet and Sour Cabbage. Sit down to an old fashion meal that is comforting, tasty, and inexpensive. Serve with a multi-grain bread and your favorite dessert. If you have leftover meatloaf, make meatloaf sandwiches the next day. This is a great recipe for stretching […]