French Fries Recipe

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Golden Brown French Fries Recipe

Golden Brown French Fries

Did you ever wonder how fast food chains like McDonalds get their French Fries crispy and not soggy or soft? We found that soaking the fries in a sugar solution before frying works best. We also experimented and found that removing the fries after two minutes in the deep frier also produces a better product. See our recipe for details.


8 Potatoes

12 cups of water

¼ cup of sugar


Deep Frier and Vegetable Oil

You will need a potato or French fry slicer or mandolin slicer for this.

First rinse off the potatoes in warm water and then skin the potatoes with a knife or potato / vegetable peeler. Run the potatoes through a mandoline slicer or potato French Fry Cutter. Soak the French Fries in a solution of water and a ¼ cup of sugar for one hour. Drain the fries and tamp them down with a cloth or paper towel to dry.

If you don’t use the whole batch right now, place fries on cookie sheet and freeze. Make sure the fries are not touching. We like to use a silicon pad on the bottom so they don’t stick to the pan / pans. After the fries are frozen, remove from the cookie sheet and place in plastic zip-lock baggy or container for freezer storage.


You will want to deep fry the fries at 360 degrees F for about two minutes. Remove the fries for 20 seconds and then dunk them again in the deep fat frier. Repeat until fries are crisp.

Remove from deep frier and place on cookie sheet.  Spread out and add salt.

Mandoline Slicer

French Fries on Mandoline Slicer

Deep Fat Frier

Deep Fat Frier

Deep Fat Friers On Amazon

French Fry Cutters

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